Scientific Orthodoxy: Michael Gordin – Orthodoxy on the Fringe

Worlds in collision via Doug for creative commons flickr by Michael Gordin   In 1960, Immanuel Velikovsky looked around and found him...

Scientific Orthodoxy: John Durant – Authorized Belief

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Image by C.F. Payne via The Weekly Standard By John Durant On February 4, 2014, a much discussed live exchange took place between Bill...

Scientific Orthodoxy: Mary-Jane Rubenstein – How to Avoid the G-Word

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 Image from Flickr via theqspeaks By Mary-Jane Rubenstein For many physicists and philosophers, one of the most attractive features o...

Scientific Orthodoxy: Stephanie Dick – The Pirate Bay

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By Stephanie Dick On April 17, 2009, four men were found guilty in a Swedish court of law for aiding and abetting violation of the Sw...

Scientific Orthodoxy: Introduction

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This week and next, we are partnering with a newly launched blog Science and Religion , from the Program for Science, Religion and Cult...
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